How to make money with Google Adsense

Published on November 14 2015

Actually it is possible to generate large revenues

with the program Google AdSense.

How much can earn?

It depends on the efforts that you put. Some earn thousands of dollars per month.

Others will only win some of $

It also depends on the number of website you have.

Revenues from Google AdSense program also depend on 5 factors:

-Optimization of your pages

-The number of visitors on your site

-The location of your ads

-Ads formats

-The subject of your site

Optimization of your pages

This step is to write texts, in which you need to use relevant keywords.

AdSense experts advise the use of keywords by subject 20

to allow Google AdSense to display appropriate advertisements

on each of your content pages.

Several Internet tools also enable you to help you select the right


This is the case of Google, which offers a tool allowing you to analyze and to audition your keywords.

More volume of a keyword search, the more you'll likely

to be not only better paid, but users will also be able you find

easier and more you will have advertisements that will be relevant to your content.

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The number of visitors on your site

Your site traffic greatly contributes to revenue with Google AdSense.

More visitors who will see your ads, the more you will increase your number of clicks. Consider increasing the number of visits to your pages using the power of blogging,

social networking communities, discussion forums, the ads classified,

as well as making the exchange of content.

You do not have to invest in paid advertising.

The time factor will bring you more more visitors on your site.

The location of your ads

Place your ads where people tend to watch often.

Usually you can place at the top of a page or after a first paragraph

or below a boldface title.

If you have a normally navigation menu on your left,

You can also insert your ads below the navigation menu

and who normally work fine.

Ads formats

Usually most of the ad formats are likely to generate good earnings,

but it is advisable to use the formats of 120 x 600 and 160 x 600 Skyscraper.

which are very effective below a navigation menu

or even some thematic sets can also be used.

Three factors that have a direct influence on your AdSense earnings.

1 - This is the choice of key words.

From AdSense ads come from the advertising program

Google called AdWords.

In this program, advertisers pay for each visitor that Google sending them,.

and the price of the visitor is determined by an auction principle:

that is the highest in the list has paid the most expensive.

So more there is competition between advertisers, more click price increases.

In AdSense, you touch a part of what Google receives from the annoceur.

Therefore, more the advertiser pays expensive, plus you make money!

The advertiser targets its ads on the basis of a choice of key words.

You therefore need to find these keywords for which advertisers pay dearly

and you can increase your AdSense revenue.

2 - This is the amount of traffic on your site.

Think about it, if you have chosen the best keywords, the more pay, but you don't have that 5 visitors per day on your site, you'll never make fortune!

As a percentage of your visitors click on your Adsense ads,

by increasing the number of visitors, you will increase your Adsense earnings.

To do so, you can publish articles on content sharing sites,

You can add a link to your site in your signature on forums,

You can buy advertising, or even to add your site in directories.

3 - It is the optimization of your ads.

Google allows you to significantly change the look of Adsense ads,

as well as the location and format.

For the look, you can change the color of ads

and this has an impact on the rate of click.

Written by Chez Jenny

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